Rocket Agency works with early-stage and emerging growth companies across the globe, helping them forge relationships with investors, build alliances that drive innovation, win new business and boost awareness. Whether you’re introducing a disruptive technology or carving out a new niche in the marketplace, we’re the team that knows what it takes to bring your solution to market—fast.

Our comprehensive services and strategic relationships equip you with the tools and resources you need to gain a competitive edge and accelerate time-to-market. Every step of the way, we provide and facilitate a customized mix of marketing tactics to help you get a foothold in your target market and position your company for rapid growth. Rocket is a true partner, a dedicated team of professionals, with a singular focus: your success.

Our proven method enables us to work across a variety of industries and our broad range of experience spans from healthcare and education to technology and professional services.

How We Help Startups

  • Business Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Partner/Customer ID and Introduction
  • Industry Association Alignment
  • Investor Introduction
  • Analyst Outreach
  • New Business Pitch Support

We are especially excited to partner with companies in the wireless, software, renewable energy, semiconductor and tech industries that are bringing disruptive technologies to market.

Wireless Industry

Mobile technologies are rapidly changing how and where consumers connect and interact, and the race is on to adopt new technologies to manage costs, accommodate demand, differentiate services and build loyalty.

We have deep industry experience and a strong track record of successfully launching new technologies, raising awareness and generating leads for companies throughout the wireless ecosystem, including Operators, OEMs, Integrators and Software and Solutions Providers.

We know how to simplify, differentiate and communicate complex technologies to your target audience and our broad range of services enable us to provide an integrated approach to marketing, bringing together all of the tools, methods and resources needed to maximize the impact of your marketing and your bottom line.

Wireless Industry Experience Includes: Apriva, Eden Rock Communications (acquired by Nokia Networks), Evolution M2M, InfoVista, Inter-Tel (acquired by Mitel), Kyocera Corporation, Mentum (acquired by InfoVista), Sensa, TeleWorld Solutions, Ubidyne (acquired by KATHREIN-Werke KG), Xceed Technologies (acquired by Anite).

Renewable Energy Industry

With decades of experience developing integrated marketing campaigns for renewable energy across the globe, we know how, when and where to reach your targets. We’ll help you simplify your product offering and process to enable your customers to make confident buying decisions.

Renewables Marketing
• Co-op Program Creation and Management
• Consumer and Commercial Lead Generation Campaigns
• Dealer Network Support
• Channel Marketing

Renewable Energy Industry Experience Includes: Kyocera Corporation, American Solar, Rare Earth Solar, Corbins Electric Solar, Essco Electric Solar.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Industry

An AI-Powered Future

The soaring number of connected devices is driving exponential growth for the global artificial intelligence market, creating significant opportunities for emerging startups across many different industries. The market forecast is bright, and the excitement around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies is running high.

Engage Customers No Matter Where They Are

AI and ML technologies are game-changers that are altering the way people and technology interact. We’ll help you align your brand directly with the momentum and enthusiasm behind this massive movement with a content marketing program designed to deepen connections with existing customers and drive new engagements. We’ve got you covered from concept to successful rollout.

AI Marketing and Sales Enablement and Implementation

Rocket is the core team you can rely on to build and implement the sales tools and plans that lay the foundation for your sales force, develop a robust digital marketing program, and create content and messaging to engage your audience.

AI Industry Experience: DataTorrent,,

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