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Sales Enablement

Let’s get to know your ideal customer. Who are they, and how can we help them achieve their goals? We’ll get down to the nuts and bolts of the matter to ensure that your sales message and efforts have a laser-focus.

  • Target customer persona development
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Sales vision and goals establishment
  • Lead qualification framework

Sales Acceleration

A good CRM is the foundation of a productive and accountable sales team. We’ll help you set up and customize a CRM, arming your sales team with the tools and intelligence they need to prospect, sell and close faster.

  • CRM implementation
  • Sales content development
  • Sales email scripting
  • Sales funnel analysis
  • Automated workflows

Direct Sales Campaigns

Reach your sales goals faster with Rocket at the head of your sales funnel. We’ll implement the marketing tools, CRM technology, and our proven multi-touch sales strategy to generate a steady flow of qualified new business meetings each week to help you scale faster.


Sales Integration

We’ll design a website that’s a powerful sales tool. By connecting your CRM to your website, social, and advertising accounts, we’re connecting your sales team with even more opportunities.

  • Website design and copywriting
  • Website integration
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Instant chat integration

Sales Implementation

Targeted content is at the core of your marketing program. We’ll map out a strategy to attract, nurture, convert and reengage customers as they travel through the sales funnel.

  • Content development
  • Content mapping
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales and marketing alignment

Channel Marketing

Empower partners to extend your sales reach and amplify your marketing message with a comprehensive channel marketing program. Scale up fast and increase speed-to-market by offering meaningful incentives that motivate your channel and deliver results.

  • Business-to-business co-op marketing strategy
  • Channel partner identification
  • Channel optimization
  • Channel program development

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